Thursday, December 30, 2010

DIY Wednesday: Sweater Clips

Last weekend, when visiting my grandparents for the holidays, my grandmother pulled out all of her jewelry for me to look through. It was amazing. What was better was that she let me bring some of it home with me. So far I have made two necklaces, two pins, and this sweater clip with the broken pieces.

I was inspired by some photos of Zooey Deschanel for this project. I got the idea when I was wearing my cardigan around my shoulders and it kept falling off. First, you need to find a pair of vintage earrings, clip on are best for this project, but the screw on earrings would work as well. Next you will need some hooks and some chain. Simply attach the hook with the chain to a hole that is already on the earring. Attach to both sides at the same place on the earring. Now you are done.

To wear you sweater clip, simply clip the earrings to both sides of your cardigan or sweater. Enjoy and happy DIY'ing!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


So it has officially been snowing all day...and I am loving it. This was our first white Christmas since I can remember, and the snow just keeps on coming. I took these photos this morning, and have been sitting around in my new fleece pants and sweatshirt ever since, and it is still snowing. I have been enjoying watching some videos that I received for Christmas, including Mad Men seasons. As well as browsing my new cook books. This has been a great day to relax and stay cozy. I love holiday weekends!

P.S. I am sporting my new hat as well as my new oxfords that I got for Christmas! The necklace was a gift as well.

Merry Christmas

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas yesterday, I just thought that I would share a few photos from my day. Enjoy the rest of your holiday! Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Creative Juices are Flowing.....

Yes! All of my projects for the semester are finished! As you can see, I finally finished my cape! I am so thrilled to have it done, not only because I wanted to be finished, but because I could not wait to wear it. I intended to take some outfit photos, but I am going to wait till I finish up another project I have in store. So it will make it's debut later on in the week. This was my first big sewing project, garment wise, and it went swimmingly. As a result, I have been bitten with the sewing bug. I literally want to make everything I see. I have so many ideas running through my head! I can not wait to get to work on some of them! I will have much more time now that the semester is coming to a close! Meaning more time for outfit posts as well!

On a side note...I did not forget about this week's is still in the final stages of completion. Ah finals week....

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

DIY Wednesday: No Knit Scarf

Hello everyone! For today's DIY, in honour of the first day of December, I made a no-knit circle scarf. Once I found the tutorial online, I knew I had to make one. I have been searching for a circle scarf online for weeks, and this one looked super easy. I had alot of fun doing it as well. I wrapped mine around the edge of a coffee table for the thicker scarf, and then used the chair method suggested for the thinner scarves. I am keeping the thicker one for myself, and giving the others in the photo as Christmas gifts. The only thing that I changed from the tutorial was that I used felt instead of leather to wrap the scarf, because I thought that it would be warmer. It was such and easy project and it is soooo cozy!

I am especially loving this scarf today because it is snowing. As I type this I feel as if I am living in a snowglobe. There could not be a better way to kick off the month of December. I am now off to work on some homework, finals start next week, and I am super busy. Once I get past the seventh things will really start to slow down, and I can finally get around to decorating, baking cookies, and Christmas shopping. I can't wait!

Happy DIY'ing!!!!