Saturday, November 27, 2010

DIY Wednesday(on Saturday): Book Box

So this DIY is coming a little bit late....seeing as how I have been enjoying my Thanksgiving! I hope that everyone has enjoyed your holiday weekend as well! I really enjoyed my time with my family. I also enjoyed Black Friday shopping....I never even made it to bed Thursday night, but I did get some great deals. I have also been working on a ton of DIY's this week! I might save one of my favorites for next weeks DIY.

This week I made a book treasure box. I got the idea and the tutorial over at WishWishWish. It was really easy to make, however it was quite time consuming, and quite messy as well. I can't wait to use it to store my treasures in. I think that I am also going to make a few for Christmas gifts as well.

Well I hope that everyone enjoys the rest of your holiday weekend! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Cupcake Date

One of the great things about Thanksgiving is seeing those people that you don't get to see the rest of the year. I am officially on break now from school, and I am fulling taking advantage of it. Today, I met a friend for lunch at a local deli market, where we purchased our cupcakes. We then took our cupcakes to the park where we took pictures in the gazebo. It was such a nice day today we just couldn't resist! I wore a simple outfit of jeans, blouse, and cardigan. An easy outfit for a day of antique shopping!

After that, we headed to the antique district for some shopping. I am working my own booth at a local craft fair next Monday, and I had to pick up a couple of things. I bought a few new books, some for Christmas presents, and some for a book box which I am hoping to make for the show.

I am really excited about the show, I am currently working on some scarves and
bowties and such. I am hoping to get as much done as possible before we head out for various Thanksgiving meals later this week. I will hopefully post some photos of what I am making for the show. I am hoping that it all works out, especially the book box!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

DIY Wednesday: It's A Gamble

For today's DIY Wednesday I decided to make a dice ring. I am currently obsessing over rings and have been using anything and everything to make rings. This is one of my most recent creations and one of my favorites. It adds a little quirkiness to my day, and my outfit. It was super easy to make. All you need is a ring base, and a package of dice, and your done.

I had a different DIY planned for today, but I have been so busy with homework and projects that I simply did not have time. For my patternmaking and production class, I have to make an outfit from start to finish. I am working on a cape outfit for the holidays. I am hoping to make a ring to go with the outfit as well. Meanwhile, I also have to put together a scrapbook of identifications for another class. I have been going through my personal magazine archives for weeks for this one. It is more difficult than one might think to spot a topstitch or a unitard in a magazine.

However, one more class day and I am officially on Thanksgiving break. I can not wait for the holiday season to get under way.

Happy DIY'ing!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

DIY Wednesday!

Welcome to the first official installment of DIY Wednesdays! I am hoping to make this into a weekly post, to be known as DIY Wednesdays! This week I decided to make something like the Louis Vuitton Lace Glasses. I was working on project for class when I saw them in a story. I thought that they looked interesting, and I wanted to give them a try for fun. I thought that they would be hard to see through, but you can actually see through them. The first picture is my take on the glasses, and pictured below are the actual glasses. All I did was pop out the lenses of a pair of prescription glasses, and then glue in lace. The only part that was a real problem was the lace the sticks out over the edge, but I am working on a way to fix that. All in all, I spent only one dollar on the glasses, and one dollar and fifty cents on the lace...bringing me to a total of two fifty for a fun accessory. Now I don't know where I would wear them, but they are definitely a fun thing to have in your closet.