Saturday, February 26, 2011


This is my outfit from few days ago. I have just been so busy that I haven't had a chance to share it yet! On Thursday I went out to dinner with a friend and then we went to see A Chorus Line, which was excellent. Today I went thrifting, I only picked up few things though, including a vintage hat, and a piece for jewelry. As well as some bananna chips and some cherry soda for lunch.

I got this dress a few weeks ago at a sale at Old Navy, I love it so much and it was only four dollars. I paired it with the cardigan and tights for a neutral look. I thought that the best way to complete the outfit was with the deer pin that I made and a necklace that I made as well. I wore this outfit to class and then out to lunch at my favorite deli market.

dress-Old Navy - $4
cardigan-Old Navy$1.87

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

DIY Wednesday: Make a Mobile

It's DIY Wednesday...better late than never at 11:21 right! This week I thought that it would be fun to make a mobile for my room, and you could really put anything on it..but I had a plethora of feathers left over from last weeks DIY and thought that they would be perfect! All you need is some dowel rods, string, and whatever you are wanting your mobile to consist of..which is in this case feathers. I think that it is a great addition to my room and I absolutely love it! I hope that this inspires you! Happy DIY'ing!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Inspiration Monday

Happy Monday! Here is a lovely little photo to get you through your day! Unfortunately I have no idea where it came from, I found it saved in my inspiration folder on my computer. I hope that you all have a lovely weekend and are looking forward to a great new week!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

DIY Wednesday: Feather Earrings

For today's DIY I made feather earrings. As some of you may know, my ears are not pierced, and you may be wondering, why earrings? Well, someone placed an order for them for next month, and I wanted to practice earrings with what I had lying around. I suppose I will have to give away the results of this little endeavor. They are super cute and super easy. I think that they have a very bohemian, summary feel. All you will need for this project are feathers, wire, and the parts to an earring. You can buy all of these at your local craft store. Simply shape the feathers how you want them, and put them together in your chosen arrangement. Then take a few inches of wire and begin wrapping it around the feathers. Make sure that you get all the feathers in the arrangement. Once you have about an inch of wire left, attach the ear piece and shape. Finally, wrap any leftover wire around the feathers, then, Enjoy!

Happy DIY'ing!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


gif generator
Gif generator

A little gift from me to you.......Happy Valentines Day Everybody!!! Have a great day and stay lovely! Don't forget to wish those you love a splendid Valentines Day!

Walk About Town

Hello, dear readers! I hope that you are all having a fabulous Sunday afternoon! I am going to play a little catch up today and share my photos from Friday as opposed to today's outfit! I went to a cookout at my grandparents today, and the weather was absolutely perfect! It is supposed to get ever warmer as the week goes on and I can't wait! I ran errands on Friday and took a walk about town. It was such a lovely day and the weather was so sunny and perfect. I intended to post these on Friday night, but every second has been filled since then! It's been super busy! It was a great time though!
skirt- Vera Wang for Kohls
Cardigan- Old Navy
Shirt- DIY

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Concept Board

I finally finished my concept board last night and I could not be more thrilled. It was such a time consuming process, but it was well worth it and such a fun project! My drawings aren't too top notch, but I tried! The theme was Garden Party, and I was inspired by The Secret Garden as well as a bit of Mad Men style. I would love to wear any of these clothes, now I'll just have to make them!

P.S...sorry about the photo quality, I took them on my phone right before I turned it in!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

DIY Wednesday: Valentines Day Tights

Over the weekend I embellished some tights in honor of V-Day! I have been wanting to try this project for a while now, and I figured that with Valentines Day coming up it was the perfect time to try it! It was super easy, and you could really add anything you want to! All you need is a pair of solid colored tights and some fabric markers in whatever colors you are using. You will also need some cardboard to keep the marker from bleeding through, but I just used the cardboard that came in the packaging! These make a great addition to any outfit, and are more unique than solid colored tights!

-First, try on the tights and make light markings exactly where you want your design to be. It is difficult to pinpoint this location without first trying them on.
-Next, you want to place the cardboard inside the tights everywhere that you will be drawing, because the markers will bleed through.
-Next, get to work on you design! Let your creativity reign!
-Once you are finished, leave the cardboard in while the marker can still bleed through, I figured out this step the hard way...
-Finally, Enjoy!

Happy DIY'ing!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Over The Weekend

I just wanted to share of few photos from my weekend. I went to a total of four different parties over the weekend, and I'll be honest, I was about partied out! Three of them were at houses, but one of them was a brunch at a local restaurant, which is where these pictures were from. I was so busy that I simply forgot to take outfit photos, but I am hoping to make up for it this week. I was also able to complete an awesome DIY this weekend, which I am hoping to share tomorrow!
I have been quite busy with school lately. I am enjoying it though. For this weeks project I get to design a conceptual line and create a concept board with fabric and color swatches. I am really enjoying it!
I hope that you all had a good weekend as well!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Inspiration Monday

[Rar Traum Store]

I am seeing all kinds of photos of jewelry made with minerals and rocks online, and I for one find it quite inspiring! I am going to have to get to the store and find some things to work with. This photo gives me the idea to work with some broken glass as well. I hope that this photo inspires you just as much as it inspires me!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

DIY Wednesday: Make Your Own Valentines

[Color Me Katie]

There is nothing like the feeling you get when you get a letter or package in the mail. So this year I decided to spread the love and make my own valentines. These photos are not the ones that I made, but mine are not finished yet, and these photos were my inspiration so I am sharing them instead. When I am finished I will share my own photos. I am making some flip books as most of my valentines. I am hoping to make some envelopes for mailing as well.
As far as showing someone you care, I think that there is no better way than to send them a letter. Sitting down and writing a letter is so much more special than sending an e-mail, and a great way to show you care this Valentines Day!

[O Hello Friend]