Thursday, February 13, 2014

DIY Valentines Placemats

I present to you a quick and easy tutorial to add a little holiday spirit to your table. It is so easy that you can easily complete it tonight and still have plenty of time to make plans for tomorrow. These would be perfect for a table for two, a small gathering, or an evening to treat yourself. No matter what your relationship status or your holiday plans, these placemats are a perfect way to celebrate the holiday with a little bit of fun and happiness. All you need to complete these are placemats, I used two, some fabric paint, and a stamp. You can make your stamp or purchase it, it's totally up to you. Simply stamp the placemat with your desired pattern and leave to dry. I can imagine stamping these with other patterns as well, the possibilities are endless. This project could not be easier and will really add a special touch to your table.