Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Warmth Of The Sun

bouse and tank top - Old Navy
Jeans - Maurices
Oxfords - Target $24
Necklace - DIY
Headband-Walmart $1

The is honestly nothing better than sitting outside and feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin. Summer is definitely on it's way! Today during my break I went and sat in the library, right next to a big window. Just sitting there with a good book in my hand and the warmth and light flooding in, it was just amazing. This is probably one of my favorite things about warmer weather....I can't wait until I can head to the park with a book and my blanket.

This weather really puts me in the mood for my summer clothes. I also find it inspiring. I went to the store today and all I could even imagine making was big bows, dainty necklaces, and summer scarves. All I want to do is run out and buy a sunhat and head the beach! Ah...the warmth of the sun!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Watching the Rain

Today was my first day back after my break. It was terrible having to get up to my alarm again today after an entire week without it. Not to mention that it was rainy and overcast all day today. Needless to say, I surrendered to the call of the jeans today. I did however decided to spruce it up a bit with flats and my new cardigan, so I did put some thought into it. It was such a relaxing day and I did get to do quite a bit of reading between classes. Overall it was a great day, and I do wear dresses sometimes I promise. Hopefully this weather perks up soon!!!!

jeans-Old Navy - $15
Cardigan-Elle from Khols $4
Ring - Belk - $13
Necklace - Modcloth - $12
T-shirt - Hanes
Flats - gift
Purse - Vera Wang from Khols $13

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Chilly Evening Of Sales

A close-up of the ring that I made to go with this outfit.
Shorts - $15
Cardigan - $13
Locket - DIY
Rings - DIY and gift

Today was such a great day. I did a bit of shopping with my family in the evening. There were many sales and a got a few things. I had been looking for black cardigan and found one tonight for four dollars, so I was pretty excited.

I went with a relaxed look today, and paired a cardigan with shorts because it was a bit chilly in the evening. I had on my boat shoes, but changed into sandals before the evening was over with. I felt very nautical in this outfit.

Friday, March 26, 2010

In A Cabin In The Woods

Greetings all!!!! So for the past two days I have been in a backwoods of West Virginia in a cabin with all of my friends. This is technically our Spring Break at university so we decided to make the most of it, thankfully one of my dear friends had a cabin we could use. It was tons of fun, but like I said....in the backwoods. Which esentially means no cell service, no internet connection, and no cute outfits. Basically, I have been sporting what I like to call 'campy-chic' aka i've been in jeans and a flannel. Not quite outfit pic worthy.....thus my lack of outfit photos. Despite this lack of technology and chic-ness it was still a good time and I really enjoyed it.

Now I'm just going to catch up on everything and enjoy the rest of my Spring Break. Hopefully this means that soon there will some outfit pics up!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This Is Who I Am

I finally did it, after months of wanting to start this blog it's finally a reality! I can't wait to get started and begin to post pictures and my thoughts. I started this as a place to document and share my outfits and my projects. I enjoy making jewelry out of unexpected things and I enjoy wearing clothes with history or that have been cast aside, which is why I decided on the name This Time Around. I believe that the clothes that we wear are an expression of who we are. I hope that you enjoy reading this blog, I know that I will enjoy writing it. Thanks for reading and enjoy.......