Monday, May 23, 2011

Inspiration Monday

I really want a garden. I want to grow my own herbs and fruits and veggies. I want to sit on bench or blanket and lounge the day away. I have so many pictures of gardens and outdoor spaces saved on my computer it's ridiculous. Unfortunately I have no idea where I found them. I just thought that they were too lovely not to share. If anyone has any idea where they came from let me know please! Anyways, I hope that these photos inspire you as well! Have a great Monday!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rainy Days.....Lazy Days

I'm back! These past few weeks have been both super busy and super boring at the same time...meaning that I haven't done much of anything. After school I launched directly into finding a summer job...a search that has yet to yield positive results. If you add that to the fact that it has been raining and flooding consistently I have been such a bore lately. However, I decided that today I would let you in to enjoy my lazy days with me. Lately I have been reading copious amounts of books on my kindle, enjoying my new birthday presents, and working on some new stationary for the shop...all the while in my jammies. It has been a busy but great couple of weeks.
This evening I am going to get a haircut and then head out to dinner with a friend, followed by a job interview tomorrow! Hopefully I can capture some of these moments to share with all of you! Have a Great Day!