Friday, May 29, 2015

Made New First Class

The first class at Made New was such a huge success! I wish that I could have posted these the day it happened, but things have been crazy here lately.  I have gotten a ton of new orders of things to make, and I have been working on getting everything ready for the shop for Made New.  We actually have already had a second class.  I am hoping to share those photos within a day or two.  It was such an amazing experience to actually get to do what I had been planning for so long.  After the first meeting I was so nervous but also excited, and I couldn't believe that it was actually happening.  I think that everyone really loved it, and they all but one came back for the next class.  For the first week, we dyed tea towels.  I prepared some natural dyes with black beans, blackberries, and onions.  I also brought in an indigo and a yellow-orange indigo dye.  The shibori in the indigo were by far my favorites.  I am hoping to get them up online soon, but I am waiting on some credit card stuff to come in before I do.  I am so happy with what is happening with this class and with my recent sales.  My creative process is through the roof, I am just making and sewing all the time, and that makes me so happy.  There is nothing better than finishing the day with tingling fingers from sewing, and hands that are covered in fabric dye.  It is so fulfilling.