Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lunch Date

I had a fairly simply day today! It was a relaxing day, filled with sleeping in and reading. However, I did venture out for a lunch date. It was a really good time and I quite enjoyed it!

I stuck to a fairly simple outfit today as well! I just threw on a pair or rolled shorts and a boyfriend tee. However, I did get to wear my new vintage brooch. While at a family picnic over the weekend, there just happened to be an estate sale across the street. It was destiny...well not quite destiny, but it was fantastic! They just wanted to get rid of everything, and so they were getting rid of things for nickles and dimes....literally! We walked away with a but load of new pieces - to be debuted in the near future! I am having so much luck with antiquing lately...it is quite wonderful! I am quite happy with all of my purchases!

trouser shorts(rolled)- Dressbarn
boyfriend tee - Old Navy
flip flops - Old Navy
Necklace-American Eagle
Brooch- Vintage....10 cents!!!

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