Friday, September 7, 2012

Discovering Old Paths

Yesterday, after a usual day of class and lunch with friends, I snapped these photos before I went out shopping. I decided to explore a little bit in the woods behind my house. It has been forever since I ventured out past the little clearing that I love. I had actually forgotten about this path. I can't wait to get on appropriate shoes and go exploring. Speaking of shoes, these are my new favorites. These are one of my favorite DIY's of all time, besides my dresses of course. I paired the shoes with a basic skirt and a button up. A super easy outfit for a day in class.
Skirt-Old Navy Shirt-? Ring-DIY Shoes-DIY I almost forgot to mention my little walking buddy. Meet Emily Lickinson! I turned around at the path only to discover she had been following me the whole time!

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