Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Staying Warm

The cold has officially descended upon us. Walking to class today was one of the most miserable walks I have ever taken. My feet and hands were numb by the time I reached my class. In an effort to stay warm, I have parked myself on my sofa with a blanket and my laptop. Fuzzy socks are also a must. I was wandering the interwebs when I happened upon these photos. There are so precious. They are photos of the real Christopher Robin and of course the inspiration for Pooh and all of the other beloved characters. These books and characters were such a treasure in my childhood and stumbling upon these photos made me so happy.
Speaking of things that make me happy...I found these photos on this site I just discovered called Retronaut. You can find these photos as well as so many more here. Don't forget to stay safe and be warm guys!

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