Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Winter Wears

I feel like I haven't been able to update this space in so long. Life has been crazy busy lately. The good news is that it is officially Christmas break. Finals last week, and some this week, really kicked my but. I have done nothing but study. Also, I quit my day job, and this past weekend was my last day. Things are finally starting to slow down around here and I can finally enjoy the holiday season and get everything ready. Last night and this morning I did plenty of baking and wrapping presents for a party that I am going to tonight. I also did a tiny bit of crafting. I had a friend over for lunch today and just hung out and did a little bit of baking, and a lot of eating and Christmas movie watching.
This outfit is actually from about a week ago. With finals starting the next day I didn't really have time to post until now. It was much colder on this day than it is now, and how pretty is that fog. Today it is about 15 degrees warmer which feels so strange in December, but snow is in the forecast for later this week. I feel like I can finally start wearing some of my 'winter fabrics'. Not that I can't wear these other times of the year, but something about a knit and a brocade just feel so right in December, I feel the same way about velvet and plaid. The sweater has some metallic knit into it which makes it feel just that more festive. I am loving this outfit, I have actually worn it again since then. Skirt-gift Sweater-Kohls Shoes-Payless Necklace-Marc by Marc Jacobs Tights-Walmart - everyone thinks I'm not wearing tights when I wear them but I love them so much I don't care. Ring-gumball machine Also, did you notice the kitties that slipped into my photos? That's my little Edgar and Doug. They can't resist a good photo op.

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