Wednesday, August 26, 2015

DIY Game Night: Marry, Date, or Dump

There is a game that is one of my favorites for sleepovers and game nights, and that is Marry Date or Dump. I got it at a garage sale, and it is I am assuming from the 90's, since most of the cards have celebrities from that time...we are talking boy bands and Friends here...good stuff. Anyways, after years of playing the cards over and over, I decided to make a sort of travel or expansion pack...with current celebrities that I loved.  This tutorial is a result of that decision.  Basically, all you really need is a box, some cards, and a pen.  You can pick up a box like this at just about any craft store...I preferred a box that had two compartments, but it isn't necessary. you really only need to keep the boy cards and girl cards separate.  I decided to decorate my box with a photo from an old magazine and some newsprint.  For the cards, you can cut your own, but what I used is called artist trading cards, and you can get them at most craft or art supply stores.  After you have everything together, just put three names of celebrities on each card.  I recommend putting together celebrities who have something in common, such as from the same movie.  Other fun topics are something like heartthrobs or hot messes. You can use whatever celebs you like, or those that you and your friends are most familiar with.  

When you are ready to play, you will need pen and paper.  The categories are marry date or dump, lawyer surgeon pool cleaner, parent sibling cousin, or anything else you can think of.  One player will draw a card and a topic...they will write down their answers.  After that, all of the other players will guess what that person put...for each answer you get right, you get a point.  All players will take their turn writing down their choices and having the others guess.  At then end, whoever has the most points wins.  This is such a fun game to play with friends, it always ends in laughter.  I know that when my friends and I play it we always end up taking breaks to debate the choices of the others, and why it was a terrible decision.  Don't take my word on how fun this game is, go and try it for yourself! 

*side note...the use of imdb and google images can come in handy on this game 

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