Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Boxes We Put Ourselves In

I have been thinking a good bit the past couple of days about the boxes that we put ourselves.  Some would say that it is society that puts us in those boxes, trying to categorize us, but we allow it.  When did we become content to be placed in these boxes? Always wary of making a decision that is outside of what box you are in.  I have found that so often, I feel like I have to be a certain person, and make certain decisions, because that is the decision that I am expected to make.  I was thinking about this when I heard about filing paperwork at Rebuild, there is no box to check off on paperwork for what we are doing, so whoever is filing the paperwork always has to explain what we do.  It reminds of myself, so many times, I think I have to do something that allows me to check off that box, rather than having to explain my decision.  

I think that all of this thinking is a part of me coming into the second half of twenties and trying to really figure out who I am and what I believe. I also think that these thoughts are really coming from a place where I am trying to form my creative eye, like what is the vibe I want to create.  What materials do I want to use, and what story do I want to create with my work.  It is really about deciding on a creative vision, but also being careful not to get stuck in a creative rut and really box myself into a specific practice.  

I am not sure that there is a specific answer to how to not box ourselves in, but I will keep working on myself...and I'll let you know what I come up with....

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