Saturday, June 26, 2010

Old Central City

Today I ventured down into old central city for a little bit of antique hunting. I went out today to help find my cousin a hat for a play that she is in....1930's! However, I did end up with a couple of great finds!! I got multiple handkerchiefs for the store, a brooch, and my favorite...a vintage fascinator! I will debuting these in the next couple of weeks. I just loved looking at all of the books and well as all of the clothes! I had so much fun and I really enjoyed it! I especially enjoyed the stories that the owners of the stores had to tell, about the history of some of the was so fascinating!

As far as my outfit goes, it is pretty basic. I feel that I don't really need to dress up if I'm just shopping and sorting through bins I go with a very basic outfit when I am shopping! However, I did wear a new bow headband that I made! I was accused of looking like Rosie the Riveter...but do I mind this comparison....absolutely not!

In other news....I made cupcakes!!! These are Root Beer Float Cupcakes and I got the recipe over at Smitten Kitchen! Here is the link:

Hope that everyone is having a great weekend!!!

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