Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ocracoke Island

When we were on vacation on the Outer Banks we went to many small towns that were all amazing. One of the towns that we went to was Okracoke Island. We had to make it a day trip, since it was about an hour away from where we were staying. One of my favorite things was that our trip to the island started on a ferry. I had never been on a ferry before, and it was quite an adventure. Two of these photos are from a museum on on island. It was full of nautical treasures, including these vintage uniforms. After we went to the museum, we walked around the town and visited some quaint shops and restaurants. Then we went to the Okracoke lighthouse, which was such a treat. We finished out our day with dinner and dessert at a crepe food truck. I had a strawberry and nutella crepe which was just amazing, especially paired with the lavender soda. We then hopped back on the ferry to head home. Later that day we also stopped at another lighthouse. It was such a great day and I have so many great memories.

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