Thursday, July 23, 2015

DIY Clay Bead Necklace with Made New Co

I have mentioned before how I have a friend who is helping me with the media for Made New, and she had an idea recently that we should do some DIY videos.  I was totally on board with the idea, except that it is totally out of my comfort zone, and honestly I also hate the sound of my voice on any recording.  It helped that she would be doing the editing.  We made the tutorial for the clay bead necklaces that we have been making in class.  They are so much fun to make.  If you want to buy one from one of the women from our classes, you can check out our Etsy page which is in the link in the sidebar.  However, I would love to see that necklaces and bracelets that you all come up with.  Please share them on insta or twitter if you make them! Hopefully my voice doesn't sound too terrible in this video. We already filmed a second one which I can hopefully get online sometime next week.  Enjoy!

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