Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekend Away In Nashville

I am currently recovering from a whirlwind weekend in Nashville.  This mostly involves laying out my sewing plans for the week, uploading mass amounts of photos, and listening to the Have Company podcast (side note..favorite podcast for creative energies and inspiration).  On Friday morning, some friends and I drove to Nashville to visit one of our friends who is living there now. It was so much fun, and we did such good eating.   I will share another post on all the food...seriously, SO much food...but for now I want to share the outfit that I wore for touring around.  I made this dress for the fourth of July weekend, but ended up not getting to wear it.  It is so comfortable and versatile.  I made it after I took the sewing e-course from A Beautiful Mess, which was helpful in jumpstarting my creativity even though I knew most of what the course covered.  Anyways, I made the dress to be a little roomy and it is sooo comfortable.   I used homespun fabrics.  Paired with some slip ons that my aunt gifted me.   I ended the day in flip flops, after I got some mega blisters.   It was such a great weekend.

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