Thursday, May 20, 2010

Catching Up With Old Friends

A picture at the Reds game

An outfit picture from brunch. Dress - Macy's, Shoes - Old Navy, Necklace - DIY

Lately, I have spent a good amount of time catching up with some old friends that I went to school with. It has been a great time. A couple of us met up for Sunday brunch..and then on Tuesday a few of us went to a Reds game in Cincinnatti! It has been great seeing everyone and seeing how they have changed and what they are doing.

All this notalgia and catching up has had me thinking about how I have changed. I personally think that I am a much different person than the one I was when I graduated. Or for that matter, I think that I have changed since last year. I am figuring out what, and who, I want to be. I am figuring out what I want in my life, and what I want to accomplish. I have much more different interests and goals. I think that I know who I want to be now. It is strange how a person could change so much in just two years.

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