Wednesday, November 17, 2010

DIY Wednesday: It's A Gamble

For today's DIY Wednesday I decided to make a dice ring. I am currently obsessing over rings and have been using anything and everything to make rings. This is one of my most recent creations and one of my favorites. It adds a little quirkiness to my day, and my outfit. It was super easy to make. All you need is a ring base, and a package of dice, and your done.

I had a different DIY planned for today, but I have been so busy with homework and projects that I simply did not have time. For my patternmaking and production class, I have to make an outfit from start to finish. I am working on a cape outfit for the holidays. I am hoping to make a ring to go with the outfit as well. Meanwhile, I also have to put together a scrapbook of identifications for another class. I have been going through my personal magazine archives for weeks for this one. It is more difficult than one might think to spot a topstitch or a unitard in a magazine.

However, one more class day and I am officially on Thanksgiving break. I can not wait for the holiday season to get under way.

Happy DIY'ing!!!

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