Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekend in Michigan

I spent this past weekend in Michigan and upper Ohio. My family used to live there when I was younger and it was great to get back and see so many familiar sights. We went up to see a Detroit Tigers game for my brothers birthday and ended up getting to do some other things as well. One of my favorite places to go back to is Lake Erie. I absolutely love walking on the pier and taking in the sights, the landscape, and the animals. I absolutely loved it and I had a great time!

Since we were going to be on the water and there would be a breeze, I decided that it was time to take out my new romper for the first time. This is my first romper and I was worried about how practical it would be, but it was so comfortable. It was comfortable enough for the drive up and was practical enough to be able to enjoy the lake and the baseball game. I kept the rest of the outfit simple with a sweater, minimal jewelry, and flip-flops for walking on the sand.

I was an amazing weekend and I had a great time. I love going back to visit. I took a ton of pictures and I can hopefully post some of those soon.

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