Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hocking Hills State Park

I spent this past week on a much needed camping trip. It was so great to just slow down and enjoy. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking. There is nothing like coming into a clearing a seeing a waterfall cascading before you! We were able to go on multiple hikes, ride my new bike Sylvia(more on that later), relax by the fire, and enjoy a bit of antique shopping, and much more. I had such a great time!

There is so much history in this area. For instance, there have been hundreds of artifacts taken from the area, and Native Americans used to dwell in these caves. In the 1800's they were used as gathering places due to the sound quality that was useful for large crowds. Also, one cave is named after an old man who used to dwell in the caves, until he was killed trying to break the ice with his gun during a cold winter. There is a museum on site which was quite interesting.

I have many more photos to share with you, including the yummy muffins that I baked for the trip, as well as the goodies that I picked up in the local gift shops and antique mall! I had an amazing time but it is so good to be back! I have about 1200 unread posts waiting for me on bloglovin so that is what I will be doing with my day!
It was such a great week! I have been going to this park for years and if you are ever in the area I could not recommend it more! I hope that you enjoy the photos that I've shared of this lovely park!

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