Wednesday, April 14, 2010

On The Hunt

Well Hello!!! Today, as I was 'working on my homework', I was thinking about what particualar items I am hoping to find for the this summer. I am going shopping tommorrow, and hopefully some this weekend, and I am hoping to find a few of the items on my wishlist. I was just going to list them...but I thought some visual aid might be I created a set on Polyvore. One of the main things that I am wanting is a denim dress...which really takes my back to my elemantary school days. Especially with that hair bow and sandals that I included as well. I feel like it would be a really fun outfit. I am also wanting floral dresses, hats, and some trouser shorts among other things. I am hoping to head to the thrift store to hunt for a few similar items..considering I would never pay for a few of those things. I really hope that my hunt will supply a denim dress. Well that's my spring wishlist thus far...thanks for letting me share. Hopefully me and my fellow hunter can snap some outfit pics while we are out on the hunt tommorrow....HAPPY HUNTING!!!!

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