Sunday, April 25, 2010

Just Checking In.....

Two more weeks and I will officially be out of school for the summer!!! The only thing that stands between me hours of shopping and crafting is finals..which is making for a very busy Kayla!! Sorry about my complete lack of's been a great couple of weeks...but also busy ones. I am still working on some school stuff...such as finals and registering for next semester. As well as going to a concert, a women's conference, and some family events. It's been great! Also, I have some great stuff coming up...this weekend I am going to a weekend conference with my mom and I am going to have a booth at a local artists bazaar. The conference is in Columbus, OH....which means time for some excellent shopping with my mom. Also, this is the first time that my web store has officially been set up at an actual craft I for one am quite thrilled. Also, perhaps the greatest thing about this coming birthday!!!! Which is going to make for one excellent weekend!!

There are no pictures because my camera, up until today, has been broken!!! This is also why there have been no pictures in a while...but hopefully I can get working on that soon!!!

I am going to start working on posting every day, which was the original plan when I started this blog. Once things slow down again I will be posting much more regularly. Thanks for putting up with me and thanks for reading!!

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