Wednesday, February 16, 2011

DIY Wednesday: Feather Earrings

For today's DIY I made feather earrings. As some of you may know, my ears are not pierced, and you may be wondering, why earrings? Well, someone placed an order for them for next month, and I wanted to practice earrings with what I had lying around. I suppose I will have to give away the results of this little endeavor. They are super cute and super easy. I think that they have a very bohemian, summary feel. All you will need for this project are feathers, wire, and the parts to an earring. You can buy all of these at your local craft store. Simply shape the feathers how you want them, and put them together in your chosen arrangement. Then take a few inches of wire and begin wrapping it around the feathers. Make sure that you get all the feathers in the arrangement. Once you have about an inch of wire left, attach the ear piece and shape. Finally, wrap any leftover wire around the feathers, then, Enjoy!

Happy DIY'ing!!

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