Wednesday, February 9, 2011

DIY Wednesday: Valentines Day Tights

Over the weekend I embellished some tights in honor of V-Day! I have been wanting to try this project for a while now, and I figured that with Valentines Day coming up it was the perfect time to try it! It was super easy, and you could really add anything you want to! All you need is a pair of solid colored tights and some fabric markers in whatever colors you are using. You will also need some cardboard to keep the marker from bleeding through, but I just used the cardboard that came in the packaging! These make a great addition to any outfit, and are more unique than solid colored tights!

-First, try on the tights and make light markings exactly where you want your design to be. It is difficult to pinpoint this location without first trying them on.
-Next, you want to place the cardboard inside the tights everywhere that you will be drawing, because the markers will bleed through.
-Next, get to work on you design! Let your creativity reign!
-Once you are finished, leave the cardboard in while the marker can still bleed through, I figured out this step the hard way...
-Finally, Enjoy!

Happy DIY'ing!

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