Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Photo Shoot

Last week I put together this photo shoot as a project for my internship. The owner of the shop where I work was so great and let me take these outside the shop using some of the clothes and accessories that were in the shop. It was so much fun. I hope that I get to do so many more of these in the future. I took so many more pictures than this but these were a few of my favorites. This photo shoot was all about spring. I loved every single piece that I used and I love how it turned out! I hope that you enjoy them as well!

The photos were by me and my friend Lauren was so kind to model for me.


  1. These are very nice photos, and I LOVE the white dress in the second to last picture!

    And also... I know this is really annoying of me, but if you or anyone else would like to visit my blog, I'd really appreciate it!


    Thanks! :)

    1. Thanks so much! That was one of my favorite dresses! I had been eyeing it in the shop for weeks! If only it was my size!

      Thanks for commenting! Your blog is great by the way! I just checked it out!