Wednesday, January 19, 2011

DIY Wednesday: Feather Hair Clip

The idea for today's DIY came from a tutorial on the blog Lulu Letty. You can find the tutorial here. It was a super easy project. I would also like to try the other feather headpiece as well. All you need is a feather headpiece (which can be purchased at most craft stores), an alligator clip, ribbon (I used black velvet), and your adhesive of choice(I used hot glue). Simply make a bow with your ribbon, next glue that ribbon onto the feather headpiece, then simply glue down the clip and your done. Now just slip it into your hair and go. It goes with a ton of outfits as well. As you can probably tell from the photo below, I went on a bit of a crafting spree the other night and made a ton of new jewelry and hairpieces using new found vintage was fun, and I have been wearing them constantly.
Good luck and happy DIY'ing!

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