Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pile in the car and head out for some fun....

So as you may have noticed, I have been not been holding to my new years resolution of blogging more often. However, I have not really had a chance to even log on. Since we all started school this coming Monday, me and some friends decided to take a couple of roadtrips. First we went on the shopping trip to Columbus, which was just incredible. I got to visit alot of the stores that we do not have locally, which was a real treat. I only bought a few things however, including a few hair lovelies and a bracelet at Forever 21, a mug a Anthrolpologie, and my favorite, a brooch at Madewell. We had alot of fun.

We also took a trip about an hour away to see a concert, which is where the first picture is from. Which, although it is blury, I thought turned out really cool. The second picture is from my shopping trip. I had alot of fun on both trips. I also did a few smaller events including a spa party and going to paint pottery, and have been busy with getting everything ready for school.

It has been a great week, and I am ready to start back to classes tomorrow. Hopefully with a more solid schedule I have have more time to catch up on reading your posts and writing my own more regularly.

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