Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day Trip

Yesterday, my family and I made a trip to Columbus for the day. We had so much fun, and I got to do some great shopping. There were so many good deals at Forever 21, and I also did some shopping at H&M and Anthropologie. I got these fantastic cat socks at Forever 21 to add to my always growing collection of animal themed clothing. I also got some great cups at Anthropologie. Some of my other purchases were some dresses and a hair clip. I had such a great day spending time with my family.
When I came home I whipped up a new recipe that I am absolutely obsessed with. I made strawberry soup and I have eaten it so many times since then. I found the recipe in a book that I have, but I found this recipe that is similar, the only difference is that I added some orange juice to mine. It is so good and is great even without the croutons.
All in all it was a great day full of fun and family.

Also, all of these photos are from my Instagram. You can find me at ttablog

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