Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Leather Skirts and Last Minute DIY's

It's always a bummer when none of your pictures turn out. This is one of the only photos that turned out of my outfit yesterday. I have been wearing this skirt so much lately though that some of the others are bound to turn out. I am absolutely in love with this skirt. When I made it I wanted it to have more of an a-line shape though, so I may end up adjusting it a bit more. I am obsessed with the bow I made as well. Now that I know how to make them I can't wait to make them in about every color/fabric I can think of. The majority of this outfit is handmade or vintage. The necklace was very last minute: when I was walking to the restaurant my necklace broke, so I quickly tied the chain into a bow-super easy DIY! skirt-Handmade Shirt-Hanes T-shirt Shoes-Shoe Department Necklace-Handmade Bracelets - vintage, vintage, and handmade Ring-gumball machine Bow-Handmade

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