Monday, May 21, 2012

Tiered Cake Stand DIY

So I am sure that you have seen hundreds of DIY cake stands online by now, they are all over pinterest and other sites. However, I just thought that I would share a quick photo with you of my recent attempt at the project. This project all around cost me about three dollars and was one of the simplest DIY's that I have ever done. For this project all you need are some dishes, I got mine at the dollar store, but some from the flea market/Goodwill/etc. would be great for this project too. You will need at least three, but I am sure that you could use more. I picked up two glass plates of differing sizes, and one wine glass. You will also need some glue or something else to hold them together. Simply arrange the dishes however you want them,add glue, and allow it to dry. (note: make sure glue is away from food and also remember to wash the dishes before using the glue) Finally arrange you delicious treats on the stand and enjoy. This DIY could not be easier, and the end result looks fantastic! There are also many variations on this project that I have seen online, so if you want a variety of tiered stands for like a party, you should definitely look into those! This is a great project that yields fantastic results!

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